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  • Static and Motion Graphic Design

  • Creative Project Management

  • Video Editing

  • Video Production

  • Live News Production

  • Proficient in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator

  • Team Collaboration

  • Form Creation



CTV Cooks Host – Jan. 2023 - April 2023

  • Filmed, edited, and wrote (2) 3-5 minute news packages on local restaurants, businesses, and a cooking segment per monthly show

  • Worked in Adobe Premiere Pro to edit (2) longer-form news packages per show

  • Collaborated with co-anchor and producer on finding stories and filming group packages

  • Reached out to local business owners and interviewing them about their business

  • Co-hosted 30-minute Cooks episodes featuring readers, VOs, packages, and a live taste-testing segment

About me

Hello! I’m Julie Baltazar, a recent graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor's in Journalism & Media Communication. I’m a graphic design and motion graphics designer specializing in making broadcast news not only for the ear, but also for the eye. I’ve worked closely with the three main content departments at CTV, including the Sports department, the Entertainment department, and the News department. My work has consisted of a variety of graphics, ranging from bumps, to animated infographics, to rebranding the variety shows for the past two semesters. I want to make the news as interesting to watch as I can, not only for adults, but for all age groups. People like things with fun visuals, and that’s what I love to make.

In my free time, I enjoy experimenting with animation in After Effects. In high school, I used to make Instagram edits of my favorite TV shows and fictional characters to familiarize myself with the program while also writing visual love letters to the media I love. Although I don’t make these edits anymore, I like to think that the content I make for CTV is a more adult version of that hobby – I still get to be creative with the messages that I communicate, and the graphics I make for each show are based off of a new set of muses: the anchors. Lately, I’ve also picked up crocheting. As of right now, I can’t make much besides granny squares and coasters, but I’ve been getting more ambitious – my most recent crochet project was a strawberry tote bag. Though these hobbies aren’t really within the same realm, it still pushes me to exercise the creative part of my brain in different ways, which I’ve always valued since I believe that you can never be too old to continue learning.


@julieb.jpeg on Instagram

CTV Graphics Coordinator – Aug. 2022 - May 2023

  • Worked closely with the main content departments (Sports, Entertainment, and News) to create consistent visual branding for each of the weekly broadcast shows

  • Made up to 4-12 graphics (static and motion) a day for each weekly live show

  • Managed graphics requests from each department every week by making design boards, building visual assets, and multiple versions of graphics for the anchors, producers, and directors to pick from

  • Worked closely with Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create static lower thirds, TV backgrounds, static & animated infographics and data visualization for Sports and News, and 10-25 second TV bumps

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