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As a Journalism and Media Communication student at CSU, as well as a CTV Cooks host, I had the pleasure of filming and editing an assortment of videos. Collaborating and finding stories to report on has been one of the highlights of my time attending CSU.

In this episode of Global Eats, I visit Pho Duy, a local pho restaurant, to learn about how the craft their warm, pho bowls and an assortment of other foods.

In my segment, Global Eats, I report on international restaurants and cuisine around Fort Collins. For this episode, I visit Bawarchi Biryani, a local Indian restaurant that specializes in South Indian cuisine.

A news package about Northern Colorado's first Cat Cafe, located in Loveland. Filmed and edited by Julie Baltazar.

A variety show package featuring my segment, Cost Cookers. In this episode, I show college students how to make budget and time friendly meals with Ramen Noodles. 

In the final episode of CTV Cooks, Gideon and I decided to have a cook-off, seeing who could create the better 3-course meal for our seniors at Rocky Mountain Student Media.

In this episode of Cost Cookers, I show college students 3 different ways to make creative meals with flour tortillas.

A variety show package featuring my segment, Cost Cookers, where I show college students how to make 3 different recipes with college staples. In this episode, I work with three chicken nugget recipes.

An informational video about light pollution and its impacts on birds migratory patterns. Featuring 4 experts: Carolyn Burt, Jeremy White, Jeffrey Kelly and Adam Betuel. Shot by the CSU Warner College of Natural Resources and edited by Julie Baltazar

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