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ooks Style Guide

CTV Cooks is one of the four current variety shows airing at CTV. On the show, we get to showcase local restaurants around Fort Collins, as well as show college students creative, new meals to get them through the week. 

Cooks Moodboard.png

For Cooks, I decided to draw inspiration from cookbook design, homemade collages, and scrapbooking. I wanted the Cooks graphics to feel cozy, homemade, and welcoming to anyone who wanted to try cooking. For final 

fonts, I decided on Carosello and Objective. 

I wanted the logos to remind people of home, so I chose very specific foods and cooking items that we've all come into contact with growing up.

Cooks Logos.png
Cooks Lower Thirds.png

For the lower thirds, I wanted them to look similar to cooking book illustrations. 

Cooks Sample FSG.png
Cooks Sample FSG V2.png

For Cooks, we usually have a lot of recipes that we go over for the audience. Sometimes, it's a lot to remember, even after listening to what the hosts say. These graphics give viewers the chance to visually see about how many ingredients there are, and if they're watching at home, it gives them the chance to write everything down. 

On Cooks, we've had several regular segments during the semester. To switch up show format, sometimes our producer, Abby, puts one of us on TV with a background representing our segment. One of my segments this semester was Global Eats. I wanted it to feel similar to a vintage postcard. 

Cooks TV BKG Sample.png

For the bump, I decided to have it quick, peppy, and fresh. I made it with Food Network opening bumps in mind, and I wanted to be just as fun and lively as I made the rest of the graphics. 

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