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CTV Sports: Style Guide

Once a week, we have our Tuesday Night Sports show where our anchors and sports reporters give us the rundown on everything happening in the CSU Sports world that upcoming week. 

CTV Sports Moodboard.png

For the sports graphics, I noticed that they were a lot edgier compared to the other graphics I've made and looked to for inspiration. A lot of sports graphics I've seen really like to utilize paper textures, team colors, and if they can, they incorporate the appropriate ball for whichever sport is being covered. For my font, I decided to stick with Evogria and Freshman. 

For the Sports logo, I really wanted to incorporate sports imagery and the CSU ram into the design. Every time CSU is mentioned in graphics, the Ram is always somehow present - I decided to incorporate a ram's horns into some designs, as well as sports objects that don't feature a specific ball. I went with a ribbon, a flag, and a jersey. 

Sports Logos [Recovered].png
Sports Lower Thirds.png

For the lower thirds, I leaned heavily onto the second logo I designed. It was easy and not very distracting to look at, which I think is really important in a lower third since there's more critical information the viewer should be looking at. 

For the full screen graphic, I made one featuring a player's stats. It's one of the more popular static graphics I get requested from the sports team every week, and I think this graphic gets every aspect of the moodboard that I wanted to incorporate. 

Sample Sports FSG.png
TV BKG Sample.png

For sports, it's pretty common for at least one reporter to be featured next to the studio TV. Usually, their TV backgrounds announce the stories they'll be covering or the package they made for the week. For this, I wanted the TV background to function as a rundown, giving the audience a good idea of what stories to expect. 

For the sports bump, I wanted it to be punchy, full of action, and really exciting to watch. I used a lot of fast-paced clips from fast-paced sports, relying on dynamic typography, color, and texture to give a grittier, rough around the edges type of feel.

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