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CTV News Style Guide

Once a week at CTV, we have our Thursday Night News show where our anchors tell us about news and events around Fort Collins, at CSU, and more. It's one of our more serious and professional shows, featuring heavier topics and more in-depth, hard news stories. However, there's still fun stuff too, like the weather segment and the feature pieces.   

For news, I really wanted it to be reminiscent of the news stations we frequently see on TV. I've noticed that their graphics are really minimal and modern - they rely mostly on utilizing shapes and making them more essential to the design. There's also minimal textures. For fonts, I settled on Objective Bold. 

News Moodboard.png
CTV News Logos-01.png

For the logos, I wanted to make things that represented CSU in some form since we're a CSU student-run station. It was really important to find something that represented both CSU and the idea of news in a coherent way, and I leaned on the CSU logo and ram imagery to help with the process. 

Lower Thirds Brainstorm.png

For the lower thirds, I utilized the CTV logo that we've been using for the past 2 years. I wanted to incorporate it into the design because the logo is fairly new, and it fits into my simplistic shape-based designs very well. 

Quote Mockup.png
Quote Mockup 2.png

On Thursdays, quote graphics are some of the most requested graphics I receive from the news team. In these designs, I relied more on basic shapes to provide visual interest, but mainly having the quote be the center of attention in the graphic.  

Sometimes, news switches up their format and has their anchors on the TV, especially if there's breaking news. For this graphic, I did bring back some more textures, like halftones and light rays, but I did it to make it more dynamic, similar to how breaking news feels. The halftone texture in the graphic is an outline of the Fort Collins county map. 

For the bump, I took a lot of inspiration from news bumps I've seen on TV. A lot of them rely on earth scenery and clips of people or manmade structures, making it feel really global and relatable to viewers. They also use minimal shapes for visual interest, and dynamic typography. 

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